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Solutions to Help You Succeed

The right technology empowers your employees and improves your ability to satisfy your customers and grow your business. Our CIO advisors see the “big picture” and work to align your technology to support your business goals and dreams. Your success is our goal!

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Strategically Align Your Technology

Our Big Picture Perspective

Technology changes rapidly and is disposable. So, we focus on your people and how to improve your profits with the right process and products. We offer more than traditional managed service providers, who often focus on managing your IT products and process. Our big picture perspective helps strategically align your technology to grow your business and help you succeed.

CIO Big Picture

Solutions to Help You Succeed

Fractional CIO Services

You can save money by contracting our fractional CIO without the high salary and employee cost of a full-time CIO. Our fractional CIO management services manage the big picture and closely manage the IT costs and vendor contracts. Book a meeting to learn how we can help you save money and grow your business with Fractional CIO Services.

CIO Mentor and Coaching

Our CIO mentor and coaching services help develop CIOs and senior IT leaders into influential executives. You have the technical skills, now learn the soft skills and executive disciplines to succeed. Schedule an introductory session today!

CIO Alliance Council

Join a private group of CIOs and top IT leaders for discussions about innovative technology and ideas to transform your business. The CIO Alliance is an opportunity for CIOs to grow professionally and network with the top IT leaders in the area. Learn more.

IT Assessments & Problem Solving

Do you have questions or problems with your current IT department or service provider? Our experienced advisors find and fix problems with IT organizations or vendors. Using a combination of assessments and interviews, our vendor neutral approach offers an unbiased perspective with recommendations. Stop suffering and worrying and contact one of our advisors to find solutions and peace.

Strategic Planning

Our advisors can facilitate strategic planning sessions with your leaders to develop new strategies or align existing strategies. Our strategic plans are actionable. We can help you execute and track the success. Learn more.

Executive Advisor

CIO advisors frequently work at the business owner, CEO, COO, CFO, and executive level with business acumen and excellent communication skills. We help executives find the right technical solutions to solve problems and grow the business. Learn more.


Your Success is Our Success

How We’ve Helped Clients Like You

Helping your company succeed is the goal of our CIO advisors. We learn about your business and leverage financial and business acumen skills to save you money and grow your business. Your CIO advisor conducts assessments, investigates problems, and researches opportunities while helping you manage and implement solutions. 

Our success stories could become your success. 

  • Reviewed IT inventory and budget saving a client $90k per year by eliminating IT waste. 
  • Implemented policies and technology to achieve PCI compliance allowing client to process credit card transactions for their customers, significantly growing their business. 
  • Conducted an IT staff assessment and made organization and process changes improving IT department efficiency by 2,000% and eliminating the need to hire additional IT staff. Prevented the spend of $250k annually.
  • Implemented an E-commerce solution for a client enabling them to grow their business on the web.  

Our CIO Advisors

David Schnardthorst

David Schnardthorst

Sr. Vice President of Operations

Mr. Schnardthorst brings a vast array of Enterprise IT experience spanning 30+ years. David has worked in a variety of capacities, including starting out in applications development on open systems platforms, infrastructure design and performance tuning, database performance management, Cybersecurity and Configuration Management.

Learn more about David