A free exchange of ideas

Knowledge is Power

No matter the industry, successful businesses are those whose employees are open to and continually learning about the newest approaches, strategies, methodologies, and tools in their respective specialties. Continuing education is how a company continues to move forward instead of falling behind.

Alliance University is our open marketplace for the free exchange of ideas. We work to foster success, both for our clients and ourselves by providing frequent educational opportunities.

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Our Education Solutions


Seminars are leader-led educational opportunities by Alliance University or a trusted provider.  

Executive Briefings

Briefings are training and development opportunities — less than 30 minutes.  This interactive idea marketplace can be between moderator and guest or a solo delivery. 

Our Roundtables

Roundtable Panels

Moderator leads discussion topic with audience and expert panel.

Roundtable Peer

Moderator leads discussion with audience. No expert panels included. Chatham House Rule applies.

Confidential Roundtable Council

Homogeneous private membership group where all are from the same professional cohort. Chatham House Rule applies.

Roundtable Case Studies

Explore a project through the eyes of a client.

Chatham House Rule ​

Attendees are free to use information acquired during roundtable though they may not attribute information or commentary to any other attendee. This rule encourages free discussion generating ideas and solutions. For Councils, attendees required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In other instances, their honor is expected.


The Gold Standard

Alliance University

We want to be a marketplace of ideas — not just our ideas, but yours. Our tagline, The Gold Standard, comes from the periodic table of elements where (Au) is gold. We strive to be the gold standard in the marketplace of ideas.

Learn from experts. Learn from each other.


Our Education Advisors

Jim Mosquera

Jim Mosquera

VP of Corporate Development

Jim presents a unique profile with Master of Science degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, a business background in telecommunications, data/voice/video networking, and a self-developed knowledge of economics and the financial markets.

Learn more about Jim