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The right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can transform and improve your business, while the wrong solution can slow you down and frustrate your employees. Our ERP experts will help you select and implement the right ERP solution for your business. For more than 20 years, we have matched a variety of ERP solutions across multiple industries using both on-premises and cloud-based solutions to help our clients improve their business. Our vendor independent approach puts your business first, as we partner with you to achieve your goals.

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What We Do for You

We offer full ERP lifecycle services from discovering what you need to retiring old solutions, and everything between. Our ERP advisors will partner with you to understand your business needs and help you achieve your goals. In addition to managing your technical needs, our diverse Advisor group provides expertise in business operations, finance, talent management, and education. The Alliance Advantage – access to all the resources and expertise you need to achieve your goals.


Types of ERP Solutions

What type of ERP solution does your business need? Whether you need a traditional ERP solution or a specialized “best of breed” solution, our ERP advisors can help you find and implement the right solution for your business.  

Accounting & Financial Solutions

These tools organize your accounting and automate entries to reduce the need for manual work. Common features include budgeting, expense tracking, invoicing and statements, receiving payments (AR), paying bills (AP), reporting, and tools to manage various accounts.

CAFM, CMMS, EAM, and IWMS Solutions

This confusing alphabet soup of acronyms are specialized tools that help facility and property managers automate and organize real estate property, buildings, floor plans, and how commercial space is used. Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Enterprise Asset Management, and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) often include tools for work orders, inspecting buildings and equipment, tracking maintenance, and monitoring conditions with a variety Internet of Things (Iot) devices.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

CRM solutions help you automate and organize your sales and marketing teams, which can improve customer relations. These solutions often include contact management, scheduling, emails, proposals and bids, and order management functions.

E-Commerce ERP Solutions

E-commerce ERP solutions organize and automate your business in a virtual store. Providing a unified experience for your customers and employees to see what products you have available, allowing customers to add items to a virtual cart, pay for items, and manage the shipping or pick-up instructions.

Human Capital Management (HCM) and Employment Solutions

HCM and Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions are specialized tools to help organizations manage applicants, employees, benefits, and government reporting. Time tracking, scheduling, vacations, payroll, job postings, employee notifications, and performance reviews are some common features.

Non-Profit ERP Solutions

These specialized solutions help non-profit organizations manage donations, grants, finances, while keeping track of donors, projects, volunteers, and inventory of donated goods. Many non-profits use fund accounting, which requires additional financial controls not found in traditional business accounting systems. These solutions often make it easier to manage designated gifts and the ever-changing IRS rules that govern charities and their donors.

Specialized ERP Solutions

Many SaaS and cloud-based ERP solutions are specialized and sometimes referred to as “best of breed”. They focus on doing a core set of business functions better than the traditional ERP systems.

Traditional Full ERP Solutions

The traditional ERP solution often comes with 20 to 30 modules offering more functionality than any one company will ever need. In theory, this integrated solution provides a seamless experience. 


Your Success is Our Success

How We've Helped Our Clients

Dan managed facilities and properties for a global corporation using a variety of non-ERP tools that were not integrated and required a lot of manual work. His teams were overworked and frustrated. We found an ERP solution that integrated and automated work for his team, reducing stress, and improving productivity.

Joe managed a large ERP solution that had slowed down and was frustrating the business users. We led an architecture assessment and made changes that improved the performance by over 1,600% and greatly reduced month-end close time. Result, business users were now empowered and had access to data faster than ever before.

Theresa’s on-premises ERP provider was forcing her to the cloud with less support and increased prices for support. We helped her select and implement a new ERP solution in the cloud with better customer support, more functionality, better security, and at a reasonable price.

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