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Data is Currency

Improving the Value of the Data Your Business Generates

Every business generates data. If yours is not stored properly, shared and transmitted efficiently, and secured against ever evolving threats then you need to talk with the team at Alliance Technologies. Otherwise, you are in a good position to begin or extend your journey into leveraging Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help your company out compete your competition.

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Alliance Advisors Provides Expert Data Support and Guidance

Data Consolidation

Very few organizations operate using one completely integrated system. Everyone else is using a collection of Apps and Software to run their business. Alliance Data Services can help you consolidate this data in one platform providing your organization a single source of business facts.

Data Environment Architecture

Evaluate Buy versus Build and On-Premise versus cloud. Alliance Technologies and Advisors provide their client firms with deep understanding of the intricacies of these decisions. More and more the best answer to these questions is a hybrid solution with an integrated data platform managing the connections and providing the reporting platform.

Retain v. Risks v. Cost

With so many inexpensive and efficient ways to store data it can be tempting to keep everything forever, just in case.
Perhaps a more nuanced position would better support your organization. Alliance Advisors can help you evaluate data destruction guidelines and provide a detailed set of steps including secure wipe, data anonymization or tokenization, and automated archiving.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Power BI

Cloud lift to Machine Learning and AI

Azure Synapse

Process Automation Using Low Code Frameworks

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Your Success is Our Success

How We've Helped Our Clients

Information is the currency of any business. There is a wide range of ways in which Alliance Advisors can help you better protect, manage, distribute, and utilize your data, as we have done for many satisfied clients in the past.

  • Alliance created a data warehouse for a financial services firm that had partnered with a national insurance carrier. This warehouse enabled the firm to provide sophisticated data analysis and boutique-level customer engagement—with fewer than 10 employees. Proper data management has now driven profit and growth for the firm without increasing the size of the staff.
  • A healthcare provider that specialized in rehabilitation, assisted living, long-term care, and hospice services retained Alliance to collect and clean data from several business applications. We also created a data warehouse that supported their executive dashboards. Now, both line employees and executives use a single data source, which builds trust and transparency and enhances the overall quality of care.
  • A custom-stone counter manufacturer needed a data solution in an industrial workshop environment that was unfriendly to desktop or laptop computers. Alliance built a work-flow model that allows the manufacturer to push schedules, lists of parts, and installation details to cloud-based applications using tablets.


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